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About Us

Team Rawcus consists of a pair of fun-loving and foolhardy people, Tom and Amy. Over many years of crazy adventures, drunken shenanigans and shameless behaviour, we created many packs of homemade card games. These games evolved over time, until they became so powerful they became a recipe for turning a gathering into a party.

Through a process of rigorous selection (and making safe for public consumption) we have distilled the essence of our years of game-making fun into Rawcus. Based around challenges, drinking games, luck, self-expression and silliness, Rawcus is a card game like no other. Enjoy with friends, or use it to make friends.

Printed on high quality plastic coated card, the Rawcus cards are water (and alcohol) resistant. Each card is decorated with individual illustrations featuring our mascot characters Fly-Cat, Street Dog and Posh-Bear.

Rawcus is an ice-breaker, party maker. Just add people.